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The DNA Zoo is online!

The Yoder lab is collaborating with a network of scientists and zoos led by the Aiden lab at Baylor university to make more high-quality genomic resources publicly available. Visit the DNA Zoo website to download a chromosome-level genome assembly of your favorite lemur.

The Yoder Lab: Mouse Lemur Research on Four Continents!

Maybe it’s time for HQ2? We are now accepting bids from the Pyrenees and Azores.

Thank you – Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society

Ryan and Jelmer enjoy receiving their honorarium from the Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society! Check out their very timely review here

Kelsie Hunnicutt joins the Larson lab at the University of Denver! – Have fun in graduate school, Kelsie!!!

Peter Larsen accepts faculty position at the University of Minnisota! Congratulations, have fun in Minneapolis!!!

Thanks to support from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and Walter Korman, Peter Larsen’s creative instincts, the hard work of Yoder Lab honorary members, Lydia Greene and Marina Blanco, and the “back-at-home” support team of Rachel Williams and Kelsie Hunnicutt, the mobile genomics lab has been deployed in Madagascar!

Enjoy these photos from a training workshop led by Lanto Andrianandrasana, Marina and Lydia at a local university.

Anne is inducted into the Duke Graduate School Few-Glasson Alumni Society!

Read more about the Society here.

Anne stepping down as director of Duke Lemur Center after 12 years

Read more about her tenure as DLC director here. Next month, she will begin a year-long research sabbatical in Europe and northwestern Madagascar exploring species dynamics in mouse lemurs with support from a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Humboldt Fellowship.

Anne receives a Guggenheim Fellowship!!!

Read more about her fellowship here!

Ryan is awarded a Duke University Graduate School Katherine Goodman Stern Fellowship!

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