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Thanks to support from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation and Walter Korman, Peter Larsen’s creative instincts, the hard work of Yoder Lab honorary members, Lydia Greene and Marina Blanco, and the “back-at-home” support team of Rachel Williams and Kelsie Hunnicutt, the mobile genomics lab has been deployed in Madagascar!

Enjoy these photos from a training workshop led by Lanto Andrianandrasana, Marina and Lydia at a local university.

Anne is inducted into the Duke Graduate School Few-Glasson Alumni Society!

Read more about the Society here.

Ryan received a Departmental Fellowship for Spring 2018! – Congrats, Ryan!

It will support him while he wraps up his dissertation.

Anne has been named the Braxton Craven Professor of Evolutionary Biology!!!

Read more about it here!

Ryan was awarded the Duke Biology Graduate TA award this semester! – Congrats, Ryan!!!

Erin was awarded the 2017 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching! – Congrats, Erin!!!

This marks the first time a BioGrad has won the award since its inception! Read more about it here!

Erin received a Biology Grant-in-Aid award!!! – Congrats, Erin!

Erin was awarded the Susan Crissey Memorial Scholarship from the Comparative Nutrition Society!

She will use the travel award to present her bamboo specialists research at the Comparative Nutrition Society Symposium in Puerto Rico from Aug 7-12!

Ryan received a Biology Grant-in-Aid award!!!

He will use this award to study morphological variation in Microcebus griseorufus!

Marina won a 2016 Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development! – Congratulations, Marina!!!

She will use the award to lead a 2-day workshop on the modeled effects of climate change on lemurs in the city of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

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