Evolutionary Medicine

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2018 Warning SINEs: Alu elements, evolution of the human brain, and the spectrum of neurological disease. Larsen P.L., Hunnicutt K.E., Larsen R.J., Yoder A.D., and A.M. Saunders. Chromosome Research. PDF
2017 The Alu neurodegeneration hypothesis: A primate-specific mechanism for neuronal transcription noise, mitochondrial dysfunction, and manifestation of neurodegenerative disease. Larsen, P.A., Lutz, M.W., Hunnicutt, K.E., et al. Alzheimer’s and Dementia. PDF
2014 Discovery of prosimian and afrotherian foamy viruses and potential cross species transmissions amidst stable and ancient mammalian co-evolution. Katzourakis, A., P. Aiewsakan, H. Jia, N.D. Wolfe, M. LeBreton, A.D. Yoder, and W.M. Switzer. Retrovirology, 11:61. PDF
2007 Evolution of a tumorigenic property conferred by Glycophosphatidyl-inositol membrane anchors of CEA gene family members during the primate radiation. Naghibalhossaini, F., Yoder, A.D., Tobi, M., and C.P. Stanners. Molecular Biology of the Cell 18 (4): 1366-1374). PDF
2003 Structure and Function of CC-Chemokine Receptor 5 Homologues Derived from Representative Primate Species and Subspecies of the Taxonomic Suborders Prosimii and Anthropoidea. Kunstman, K., Puffer, B., Korber, B., Kuiken, C., Smith, U., Kunstman, J., Stanton, J., Agy, M., Shibata, R., Yoder, A.D., Pillai, S., Doms, R., Marx, P., and S. Wolinsky. Journal of Virology, 77(22): 12310-12318. PDF
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