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Anne presented the Ernst Mayr award to Michael Landis and Laura Lagomarsino at Evolution 2016


Cori and Lauriane both completed their undergraduate thesis projects and graduated with distinction! – Congratulations!!!

Ryan presented a poster at the Biology of Genomes Conference!

His poster was entitled “Rates of evolution among sperm genes and implications for speciation in a small noturnal primate, genus Microcebus.”Ryan_BOG

Marina won a 2016 Postdoctoral Award for Professional Development! – Congratulations, Marina!!!

She will use the award to lead a 2-day workshop on the modeled effects of climate change on lemurs in the city of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Lauriane was awarded the James B. Rast Award for Comparative Organismal Biology! Congratulations, Lauriane!!!

yoder 3

Erin was invited to give a talk at Meredith College!

Her talk was entitled “Microbial Primatology.”

Anne visits her old peeps in Yale’s EEB Department to give a departmental seminar!

Erin is awarded a Duke University Graduate School Katherine Goodman Stern Fellowship!

Anne receives ERIC funding to host a workshop in 2017 at Duke Kunshan University, China!

To be jointly organized with Ziheng Yang (UCL), the workshop is entitled “Preparing for a Changing Climate and an Altered Landscape: A Workshop for uniting theoretical and empirical approaches to biodiversity science.

Erin was invited to give a talk at UNC-Pembroke!

Her talk was entitled “Making Sense of Invisible Multitudes.”

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