Lab News

Erin presented at the Creativity in Science Teaching Conference in London!

Her talk was entitled “Student-centered course design leverages creativity for effective, enhanced education.”

Ryan has been awarded a Bass Teaching Fellowship!

He will teach his own undergraduate course entitled “Methods in Computation Biology and Genomics” during the 2017-2018 academic year!!!

Erin was invited to give a talk at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute at the National Zoo!

She will present her talk “A tale of two systems: captive studies of gut microbiota at the Duke Lemur Center and the National Zoo” on October 21st!

Senior undergrads Isabelle Clark, Annabelle Mercer, and Emily Hardgrove join the Yoder Lab!!!

Erin received a Biology Grant-in-Aid award!!! – Congrats, Erin!

Erin was awarded the Susan Crissey Memorial Scholarship from the Comparative Nutrition Society!

She will use the travel award to present her bamboo specialists research at the Comparative Nutrition Society Symposium in Puerto Rico from Aug 7-12!

Ryan received a Biology Grant-in-Aid award!!!

He will use this award to study morphological variation in Microcebus griseorufus!

Rachel presented a poster about the DLC 50th Anniversary Symposium at Evolution 2016!

Her poster was entitled “50 Years of Integrative Biological and Conservation Research in Madagascar.”


Ryan presented a lightning talk at Evolution 2016!

Watch his talk entitled “Rates of Evolution Among Sperm Genes and Implications for Speciation in a Small Nocturnal Primate, genus Microcebus” here!


Anne presents the SSB Presidents’ Award to David and Wayne Maddison at Evolution 2016


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