Lab News

Erin was invited to give a talk at UNC-Pembroke!

Her talk was entitled “Making Sense of Invisible Multitudes.”

Erin has been awarded a Bass Teaching Fellowship!

She will develop and teach her own undergraduate course, Bio490S: Microbiomes (a study of coevolution) in Spring 2016!!!

The Biology Department awards Erin a semester-long fellowship! – Congratuations, Erin!!!

The support from this fellowship will support a 6-week visit to Australia National University to analyze data!

Erin is awarded a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to pursue her research on microbial community assembly after birth and disease in captive lemur species!!!

Erin wins Best Presentation at the 10th Comparative Nutrition Society Symposium! – Congratulations, Erin!!!

Her talk was entitled, “Microbiota reflect lemur nutrition and feeding across time scales.”

Erin receives $1,000 Grant-in-Aid from Duke Biology!

This grant will support her study entitled, “From form to function: characterizing gut colonization in lemurs.”

Erin is selected to represent Duke University at the Global Young Scientist Summit in Singapore! – Have fun in Singapore, Erin!!!

The Duke Lemur Center awards Erin a $500 Director’s Fund Award!

She will use her award for a project entitled, “Lemur colonization: a study of microbial community assemblage from birth to adulthood.”

Erin receives $1,000 Grant-in-Aid from Duke Biology to study gastrointestinal colonization in lemurs! – Congrats, Erin!!!

Erin receives an award for Interdisciplinary Student Research at the Sigma Xi Conference! – Congrats, Erin!!!

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