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Anne is inducted into the Duke Graduate School Few-Glasson Alumni Society!

Read more about the Society here.

Anne stepping down as director of Duke Lemur Center after 12 years

Read more about her tenure as DLC director here. Next month, she will begin a year-long research sabbatical in Europe and northwestern Madagascar exploring species dynamics in mouse lemurs with support from a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Humboldt Fellowship.

Anne receives a Guggenheim Fellowship!!!

Read more about her fellowship here!

Why Study Mouse Lemurs?


Anne receives a Humboldt Fellowship!

Read more about the fellowship here!

The Yoder lab travels to Portland for Evolution 2017!

Anne gave a plenary talk for SSB, Kelsie presented a poster, and Rachel, Ryan, and incoming-postdoc George Tiley all gave talks!


Anne has been named the Braxton Craven Professor of Evolutionary Biology!!!

Read more about it here!

Anne was invited to give a talk for the International Symposium on Biodiversity in Madagascar at Sokendai in Japan!!!

She will present a talk on the origin and evolution of mammals in Madagascar!

Most Primate Species Threatened With Extinction, Scientists Find

Anne presents the SSB Presidents’ Award to David and Wayne Maddison at Evolution 2016


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