Molecular Evolution of Sensory Communication

Year Title Format
2014 The molecular evolutionary dynamics of the vomeronasal receptor (Class 1) genes in primates: a gene family on the verge of a functional breakdown. Yoder, A.D. and P.A. Larsen. Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 8:153. PDF
2014 Molecular evolutionary characterization of a V1R subfamily unique to strepsirrhine primates. Yoder, A.D., L.M. Chan, M. dos Reis, P.A. Larsen, C.R. Campbell, R. Rasoloarison, M. Barrett, C. Roos, P. Kappler, J. Bielawski, and Z. Yang. Genome Biology and Evolution, 6:213-227. PDF
2005 Evidence from opsin genes rejects nocturnality in ancestral primates. Tan, Y., Yoder, A.D., Yamashita, N. and W.-H. Li. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102: 14712-14716. PDF
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