Tristan Frappier-Brinton

Graduate Student
Biology Department – 2021

Tristan is passionate about lemur ecology and understanding how anthropogenic pressures and habitat changes will affect the conservation of lemur populations. Tristan completed his BScH from Queen’s University in 2018 and his MSc from the University of Toronto in 2021. During his undergraduate, he worked in biology labs ranging from bioinformatics to flu transmission in swine barns to polar bear population genetics. His Master’s work with Dr. Shawn Lehman focused on the widespread use of anthropogenic fires in Madagascar, and the threat that they pose to remaining forests. During his PhD research, Tristan hopes to study in-depth the changes that surface fires cause in Madagascar’s tropical forests, and how these habitat changes affect lemurs of different ecological niches.

Hobbies: Playing hockey, guitar, board games

130 Science Drive
Box 90338
Durham, NC 27708

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