Tristan Franzetti

Photo of Tristan

Graduate Student
Biology Department- 2020

I am interested in lemur behavior and how it relates to both the internal and external environments of the individual. I graduated from the University of California, Davis in Spring 2018 where I majored in Animal Biology. I conducted lab research at the California National Primate Research Center examining various aspects of behavior in the coppery titi monkey, particularly focusing on pair bonding and social behavior. I also conducted field research in Madagascar studying the evolutionary role snake predation played on the development of lemur vision and behavior in wild ring-tailed lemurs. My research in the Yoder lab will explore lemur behavior from a phylogenetic and genomic standpoint, conducting research both in captivity at the Duke Lemur Center and in the wild in Madagascar.

Hobbies: playing sports (particularly soccer), going to rock concerts and festivals, and having game nights with friends.

130 Science Drive
Box 90338
Durham, NC 27708

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