Lydia Greene

Research Affiliate
Biology Department – 2019

I am fascinated by the diversity of lemurs in Madagascar. My research centers on the mechanisms that underlie ecological specialization in lemurs, with a primary focus on gut microbiota. Gut microbes, via their metabolic versatility, confer numerous functions on their hosts that enable animals to do things they couldn’t otherwise do. My current projects are focused on gut microbial contributions to folivory and hibernation. I’m also broadly interested in the biogeography of lemurs linked to the natural history of Madagascar. I particularly enjoy working on collaborative projects that integrate approaches from diverse fields with science communication and educational outreach. To see what I get up to, follow me on Instagram (@lemurscientist).

Hobbies: traveling, singing in choir, and enjoying coffee with family & friends

Personal website

130 Science Drive
Box 90338
Durham, NC 27708

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