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Ryan presented a poster at the Biology of Genomes Conference!

His poster was entitled “Rates of evolution among sperm genes and implications for speciation in a small noturnal primate, genus Microcebus.”Ryan_BOG

Ryan presented a talk at NC State University for their Mathematical Phylogenetics seminar series!

His talk entitled, “Rates of Evolution Among Sperm Genes and Implications for Speciation in a Small Nocturnal Primate, genus Microcebus” was on work done in collaboration with Matt Dubin.

Anne, Peter and Ryan, along with Lab Alum Dave Weisrock, attended the 2015 Mouse Lemur Workshop in Paris!

Anne and Peter served on a discussion panel.

Anne, Dave and Peter all gave talks. Peter’s talk was entitled “Improving the Microcebus murinus genome assembly using optical maps.

Sheena presents a talk at the Computational Biology Seminar at the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB) in Barcelona, Spain entitled “Dwarf lemurs are “cool”: Primate hibernation in Madagascar!”

Peter gave a talk at the 2015 American Society of Mammalogists meeting in Florida!

His presentation was entitled “Improving non-model mammalian genome assemblies using optical mapping technology.”

Erin wins Best Presentation at the 10th Comparative Nutrition Society Symposium! – Congratulations, Erin!!!

Her talk was entitled, “Microbiota reflect lemur nutrition and feeding across time scales.”

Peter will present his research on lemur immunogenomics at the 2014 Evolution meetings in Raleigh!

His will give a talk entitled “Immunogenomics of non-model species: what can Ig-seq tell us about the evolution of the primate adaptive immune system?”

Peter will present a poster at the 2014 Deep Genomics Symposium in Arizon!

His poster will be entitled “Evolution of the primate adaptive immune system: insights from Ig-seq analyses of Coquerel’s sifaka lemur.”

Erin is selected to represent Duke University at the Global Young Scientist Summit in Singapore! – Have fun in Singapore, Erin!!!

Peter has been invited to speak at the 2013 Internation Bat Research Conference in Costa Rica! – Congratulations, Peter!!!

His talk will be entitled “Shedding light on speciation processes in bats using phylogenomics: where do we start?”

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