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Sheena writes about bugs and worms, highlighting Erin’s research for a blog post at Scientific American!

Click here to read her article entitled “Want a Stronger Defense System against Diseases? Add Some Worms.”

Kelsie Hunnicutt joins the Yoder Lab as a Research Associate! — Welcome to the lab, Kelsie!!!

Second year DCMB graduate student Matt Dubin begins rotating in the Yoder lab! — Welcome, Matt!!!

Anne, Peter and Ryan, along with Lab Alum Dave Weisrock, attended the 2015 Mouse Lemur Workshop in Paris!

Anne and Peter served on a discussion panel.

Anne, Dave and Peter all gave talks. Peter’s talk was entitled “Improving the Microcebus murinus genome assembly using optical maps.

Sheena presents a talk at the Computational Biology Seminar at the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona (PRBB) in Barcelona, Spain entitled “Dwarf lemurs are “cool”: Primate hibernation in Madagascar!”

DukeToday writes an article about Peter Larsen’s work with the Duke Computing Cluster! – Congratulations Peter!!!

Check out the DukeToday article here about the Yoder lab’s usage of the Duke Research Computing system for lemur genomics!

Sheena lands a Sunday front page story in The Philadelphia Inquirer! — Great job, Sheena!

Click here to read her article on the ethical considerations of egg freezing.

The Biology Department awards Erin a semester-long fellowship! – Congratuations, Erin!!!

The support from this fellowship will support a 6-week visit to Australia National University to analyze data!

Anne hosts Dr. Oliver Sacks at the Duke Lemur Center


Click here to read the New York Times article on his visit.

Postdoctoral Associate Peter Larsen is promoted to Senior Research Scientist at Duke — Congratulations Peter!!!

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